The Random News Thread



is it bad timing to spam my gofundme?


it is, ya fookin millennial hoaxer!


I just wanna afford a vagina and a pretty girly voice



i’ve seen pantsu’s gofundme, and it’s pure lies!

claiming to be a veteran!

claiming to have done two tours in wagga wagga and gotten boomerang shrapnel in shklee’s head!


I am a veteran of the Wars Of Beans, it was fought between the states of Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon and Coahuila. You prolly didn’t read about it because the cartels paid off international news to not talk about it >.>

and Wagga Wagga is a totally real location! you’d know if your country wouldn’t change the names of every town they conquered!


They conned people out of 400K and didn’t buy an airplane or Tesla with some of that I mean that’s what I would have done with it.


that’s why you’d be a shitty conman, char, it would be too obvious htat you scammed peeps if suddenly you start driving a tesla or have an airplane.


I guess so but it just seems stupid as fuck to blow money on useless things such as designer handbags and gambling.
The smartest thing would be to just hide the money in some off shore account.




@Nin, what’s going on :<


Kebab was not removed in time.

Also, three dead now.

Suspect’s name is “Gokmen Tanis”


I was expecting it to be someone who follows the religion of pieces.


Turkebab shoots people dead. Allegedly part of it was an honour killing motive as well. Everyday business.


What about it being revenge killing for Christchurch?


No indications of that. The shooter did nothing to reveal ideological motive.

Not that a kebab generally needs a reason to kill people in the first place.


I’d expect an actual revenge killing to be an attack on a church probably involving a lot of explosives possibly inside the same country .


Ideological motive is apparently now the primary theory after all lol

But was the Christchurch shooter even Christian? If not, then a revenge killing on a church would make no sense.


He said he wasn’t sure whether he was Christian

Also, kebabs aren’t necessarily the sharpest tools in the box. Even if our guy was an atheist or an odinist, they’d still go after a church because “herp derp white=christian” to them.


LOL apparently muzzies are waking up that the jews were behind the christchurch shooting so it’d be sweet if they attack synagogues instead of churches. And I’ve seen threads pointing out the shooter was jew and has been to israel too.