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Umm sweetie, coal miners learned to code. Maybe you should too and then you’d see why Jeff Bezo’s blog, the Washington Compost, is fake news.


We’d be growing at 6% instead of 4% if liberals weren’t so depressed about Trump.


hi-tech grill


If was the the P 100 D it’s capable of a low 11 to high 10 second 1/4 mile and is basically an electric Hellcat until about 90 to 100 mph.
Most 18 year olds have no business behind the wheel of something like that.




I was gonna say Pantsu but I don’t think the media would report on it if a Mexican tranny committed a crime.


Surprisingly enough tho, British media did report on this:

(From top left, clockwise) Basharat Khaliq, Saeed Akhtar, Naveed Akhtar, Parvaze Ahmed, Zeeshan Ali, Fahim Iqbal, Izar Hussain, Mohammed Usman and Kieran Harris were all jailed at Bradford Crown Court

Isn’t it great that we live in such wonderfully diverse and enriched societies?


It’s a jolly world.


this is a Florida Man article, which does not apply to Pantsu at all!


Florida need I say more and that story links to even even worse incident.


Spacex’s Crew Demo 1 mission launches at 1:49 AM EST Saturday morning.

Live stream.


What are you? Savages. Either ask the board owner to create a section for news, one thread per topic, or stop this chaotic madness.


check out this OLD MAN
get with the times buddy


I’m the board owner and I said this is the only news thread allowed.


Savages. Muted thread.


Luke Perry is dead


Not Dylan :’( he was so dreamy


He wasn’t really all that old.


ganbatte, Trebek-senpai!!


A confession has been made