The Random News Thread



Normies and gaijin get out!!!


It’s rather curious that printed gravure magazines still sell in Japan. Also Rugby World Cup - is this such a big deal to justify such an action?



And it’s a sport where the Japanese are frequently superior to the Americans and the Germans



Oh yeah? I heard that the Japanese even regulary beat the English in cricket. It can’t be helped.

Actually I just made this up.


Indeed you did!

They play baseball, which is decidedly inferior!

In baseball, you aren’t allowed to deliberately throw the ball at your opponent’s head or groin.


Sad that they have to appeal to lesser nationalities.




Appeal to. Typo. See correction.


No surprise the Olympics usually is bad for a city and it’s residents and this is no exception.


The only cities that ever made money off the Olympics are Los Angeles and Atlanta. And both were criticized for being over-commercialized. I wonder why.

LA is hosting again in 2028. No doubt they will be seen as “rescuing” the event.


Why don’t they ever host the Olympics in a place like Kansas?


Kansas is hosted in Kansas and not even Kansas wanted that

in other news, Black Panther was nominated for best movie in the Oscars, so NOW racism is officially over, black lives finally really matter, and the Oscars are relevant and tots legit again.

me being a beaner and not a nigger, will be rooting for Roma, of course.

tho in reality I’ll forget about it within the next hour and remember the day after the Oscars when the niggy riots take place (win or lose, nog “culture” validation hinders on it, it seems)


Blue Origin launched New Shepard again earlier today.



Rocky Lockridge passed away. The guy that was in this vid.


Blockquote Access to Quadriga CX’s digital “wallets” – an application that stores the keys to send and receive cryptocurrencies – appears to have been lost with the passing of Quadriga CX Chief Executive Officer Gerald Cotten, who died Dec. 9 in India from complications of Crohn’s disease. He was 30.

Apparently American Dad was not exaggerating about the dangers of getting super diarrhea in India.


So much for the economy doing so great.


It’s Blumpf’s fault you made shitty decisions buying cars.


Despite the strong economy and low unemployment rate

…the economy isn’t doing good. Fucking fake news.


Well people do seem to be stupider when it comes to fiances.
Such as why would you need to pay for a separate internet connection for your car when you phone already can act as a wifi hotspot?
But still things being that bad is a canary in a coal mine kind of warning.