The Random News Thread



Sadly we revive this thread with the departure of a legend. RIP Stan Lee, thank you for all the heroes you inspired. Excelsior!


Repurposed into The Random News Thread. Because we will not have enough celebrities and important people dying often enough to keep this thread alive.


is that a call to arms?

also pun intended?


The pun was accidental.



This is great! USA! USA! USA!


so the mexican workers are sold separately?


lmfao darts

The really hilarious thing is that the BBC calls it a “sport”


Like how curling is a ‘sport’?


At least brushing the ice requires physical effort!

this is what darts is


And yes, I used to play darts lol


shameless plug


What about Fortnite or Overwatch?


They probably love those two so they give it Allah’s seal of approval since that’s where they find candidates for their 72 virgins.


I don’t know about the girls in Fortnite, but Brigitte is absolutely halal


But is this halal?



Why am I not surprised?



I think it’s clear who owns Trump so much for those claims of him being a politician who cannot be bought.
He did declare bankruptcy three times and someone bailed him out.
We just need to follow the money.


Why do you care what happens to some shitskin roach in sandland? Oh right, orange man bad.