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Sorry there’s no more defending agent orange.
He had his chance to prove himself and he just keep on doing one questionable to down right vile thing after another and appointing the worst possible people to positions of power.
Such as making the rich moron Betsy DeVos head of education, putting Seema a corporate shill for big pharma in charge of medicaid, and Wheeler a coal lobbyist in charge of the EPA.
There’s no way those choices could have been on accident it’s like he is making a concerted effort to be as deplorable as a president as possible.
Most of his policies seem to just be to do a Stalinist purge of everything Obama did even if it was actually good.

We are going to put illegals in your house and you are going to accept that. I will say this as a response for every political post you make.

I got a smaller refund this year, but less was taken from each check to begin with.

I admire this guy’s bravado if only if more people in the the GOP had the balls to admit the tRump administration has been an embarrassment.

Can’t take you seriously like that.

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When I look at the present administration this is what comes to mind.

mfw le ebin orange man bad eks dee!

He’s antigun you know.

He used advocate gun control but changed his stance which is a theme among politicians.
Over all he’s more of a Reagan era republican.

I do not agree with all his views but I will say he does not seem completely bat shit crazy like some conservatives.

You are a tool when it comes to politics, Chir.

Oh you mean change with whatever way the wind is blowing?


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is this how things are with AOC?

AOC is a younger less gay looking Nicola Sturgeon.

Today Lenin is 149 years old
Happy Birthday, comrade!

Ring of Fire

Opinion immediately discarded.

Why doesn’t he play the clip of Trump admitting that? And the quote doesn’t even say that. Him saying it on a hunch is not the same as he knew they weren’t, thus lying. Typical spin and cope. You’ll see who was spying on who (illegally) when the FISA warrants misuse investigation is completed.