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How many people can a teletank feed again?


If you turn on the brain, it becomes clear that the Communists have always tried to save lives

Unfortunately, even now in Russia there is little information about this.
The current capitalist regime is waging an information war within Russia


Wh-what kind of party is he talking about, Sankaku-kun?

Maybe something that’s socialist and…nationalist?


Why are you dodging the question? Answer it without resorting to “da ebil capitalist pigs”.


We’re trying to make the GOP into that and it’s a daunting work in progress. Once we rid of the neolibs and lolbergs we’re golden.


Here the question is that this research has given the development of television technology, and it has given work and salaries to many workers. The subsequent war with Germany showed that the Communists were not in vain preparing for it and wasting resources on it.

Tsarist Russia would have lost the war of Germany in a month like France or Poland.
And then it would be the turn of England and the USA


You have terrible English and translation skills.


Because my education took place in capitalist Russia,
I almost completely studied everything myself

I have never studied English
I don’t even know Russian well, although this is my main language.

And Google translator constantly changes the meaning of the text.


And Dirtman was born in commie East Germany. Don’t care.


The increase in the number of churches in Russia
And reducing the number of educational institutions
Putin’s regime needs stupid slaves
The new tsar has already convinced many that as a result of nuclear war ruskes will go to heaven
And the USA will all die


I’m reporting you to the Putin Police.


tanks can cross the ocean
Lmao. And you still didn’t answer the question vatnik.


What question?
Your question was probably too subtle.
Like a few million Americans disappeared during the Great Depression


China - the icon of the far right


So much for tRump’s tax cuts I think this shows just how corrupt his administration is.



Also, taxes are theft.


In my opinion America is ruled by the same old cretins as those that ruled the Soviet Union before its collapse


The plane was built on personal funds of the soviet collective farmer equal to 100,000 rubles.



Wow this is a new level of scum baggery even for him.
Why hasn’t this f-tard been impeached yet?


I’ll let ICE know you have plenty of space for illegals to stay around your house.


According to multiple sources at CNN, during Donald Trump’s recent trip down to the border he instructed border agents to lie to federal judges by saying that the “country is full” and we can’t accept any immigrants.

Real credible sources he’s got there.