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did someone say, color palettes?



Bernie failed. Trump won. Stay salty.


in the 30 years of Stalin’s rule 642,980 people were sentenced to death
This is real data and not propaganda.


But the power of meme magic has abandoned Trump for a new champion.



Ah, you think memes are your ally? You merely adopted the memes. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see social media until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!


Why aren’t you pretending to be 16, sankaku-kun?


I can at my age, but being an actor is less hassle.


I know there is one admirer of Tsar Nicholas II

Do you know that your idol killed 20,000 cats?

Article in Russian with a photo of the king’s diary


Lenin killed 2 million humans.


In 1233-1234, the church began to genocide cats. And also people who have these cats lived.

It is believed that it was precisely such a total extermination of cats that eventually resulted from the pandemic of the plague in the mid-1300s. Although even with the beginning of the epidemic, the hunt for cats did not stop - people believed that the disease was Satan’s leprosy, so cats should be extermination even harder.

A century later, in the late 1400s, the genocide got back again - this time the church accused cats of helping the witches. Pope ordered the extermination of all cats in the district. Of course, people are not lucky, many times more - it was Innocent VIII who published the well-known (“By all the forces of the soul”), which called on all countries of Christian Europe to destroy the witches.


Lenin is the second Christ
He will come to life


They have a problem with the a plague spread by rodents and what do they do kill off an animal that keeps the rodent population in check.
Religious dogma at it’s finest.


Devil incarnation


Cats can also have fleas fedora.


according to Trump am already pretending to be a woman


You would generally have less cats than rats.
Rat usually hosts a different species of flea that is more likely to bite people.
One observation was people who kept their cats appeared to be immune to the plague.


It’s not like he was killed to avenge the kitties(and it still doesn’t excuse killing his whole family)

And it seems like it was just religious people being irrational, so I’m sure most people believed kitties were evil, not just the tsar.

And I’m sure lots of cats and dogs became food during communism


I can surprise you that already 20 years after the overthrow of the Tsar, the Communists created a remote-controlled tank equipped with television cameras?