The Political Thread



Because they might invade us for saying mean things about them.


this is true! I only moved here because I was tired of all the stereotypes of Mexicans in movies and TV


If you want to keep terrorists and spies out you need to be on good terms with your neighbors.
Worse still If they decided to ally with China or Russia and allow them to build bases it would also erode the US’s strategic dominance in the region.


No matter how much of a complete faggot you think you are, and you are, just keep in mind people like this guy exist.


That’s just sad



lol what if Trump and the Republicans went and said they would do everything the left wanted of them. Trump resigns and Republicucks pass extensive gun control, universal healthcare, all that jazz. This guy’s brain would explode or twist itself into a pretzel trying to cope.


Yes I am. I cook a mean burger and hot doge.


not the khan I was talking about, but you colored fellers do know your way around the grill I tell you hwhat


We live in a timeline where the granddaughter of Benito Mussolini is feuding with the guy who played Ace Vantura.


it all started with Harambe dying, and DiCaprio wining the Oscar, I say


Clownworld is the will of Kek
Honk honk


Catman for il duce…


eek! an alt-right froggie! I’ll take care of the hate amphibious! with my SJW mallet!



You do not comprehend your actions. You are only galvanizing us.


tbh I dont even know how/why the pepe frog became associated with the alt-right, I just found that gif and thought ti was too cute not to save it, also wanted to participate in the thread and be edgy and whatnot



It’s simple, we memed it so. Just like the OK hand symbol, we did it to exemplify the utter idiocracy of the left and the media. Next the rainbow “pride” flag will be associated with the alt-right. Praise Kek.


one time I saw a pepe tissue box cover on ebay, labeled something like -internet cartoon frog tissue box cover family fun- which I thought was odd to go so overly chinese-bootleg about it, since it was a meme based product, but it was top keks and so fucking ugly and cheaply made I almost bought it


The pride flag is a great ethno-nationalist symbol.

Notice how all the colours are able to exist because they are separate? They all have their own strip and that’s where they stay.


Diversity is like a palette of paint. Each color is separate and sometimes a bit is mixed with another to make a new beautiful color. But if you mix too many colors together all you get is a big pool of ugly brown.