The Political Thread



hey wait! b-but I vote democrat, am an immigrant and a tranny!!.. yet I eat steak and have owned guns IN TEXAS!!

if am not a lib cuck WHAT AM I1?!?!


Now you transitioned to a communist discord tranny.


nuuuuu discord sucks ass :<


Unless you family on both side were of noble blood at one point and had an “Arrested Development” moment.



Ariana Huffinington was once a republican who disliked feminism.


According to Fux and fiends there’s at least three Mexicos.

Seriously though I think Trump needs to be impeached for spoiling relations with other North American countries.
It’s bad for both our public relations and national security.


Central Mexico
Cocaine Mexico
HueHue Mexico
Old Nazis Mexico
Maduro’s Mexico
Caribbean Mexico
Assorted Tiny Lesser Mexicos
Cuban Mexico


Best Mexico…


ugh dont start! fuckers been riding on Maradona’s dick for 20odd years and then they got a Pope, as if they weren’t obnoxious enough already


Then Helicopter Rides Mexico would be great.


ok I’ll give you this one because I could’t think of a name for that Mexico and really is a good one


Ok Proto Mexico???


if you say Peru I will report you to the authorities


No, Spain!!!


that’s ridiculous, them’s not in the Murrican continent and are certainly not Mexicans!!!

but if you must include them, then they Euro Mexicans

oh also Murrican Mexico/ New New Mexico/Ricky Martin’s Mexico


Argentinos maricones, les quitaron las falklandas por weones imo


Asian Mexico…


goddamn it I miss @GenoSabre :’<


National security? How so?