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Char is a Wind Turbine!


did you just call him a blow hard?


A mainstream British politician just mentioned “Soros money” while speaking on the BBC

Some of the guests were not happy about it!

The presenter didn’t seem to mind tho



General Haftar (former Gaddafi loyalist that had a falling out and became a CIA asset) ordered the attack on the democratic but Islamist Tripoli government

In spite of all that blood and iron, Libya is going to get a Gaddafi like kind of government anyway

What a worthless intervention Obama started


Didn’t start with Obama the US’s intervention in Libya goes all they way back to the Reagan era.


Congratulations you get the privilege of me calling you a retard and advise you to fully read the wikipedia articles you cite so you at least have a modicum of understanding the context

shut up


No you’re a retard what is going on in Libya is the same damn shit they been doing for 30+ years.
Yes Reagan wanted to off Gaddafi why do you think they targeted his house.
As for backing civil uprisings it’s nothing new as they tried to do the same exact thing with the Contra’s in the 1980s.

If you think the US is shitty the USSR was just as bad if not worse and China probably even worse still with their debt traps.


I’ll make this crystal clear for everyone to know. If the US were to ever pass reparations for black slavery, the moment I get that check, I will personally give it to the descendants of my ancestors’ slavemasters. If such can not be found, I will give it to the most antiblack white nationalist group out there. Even better if said descendants are leaders of an antiblack group.


The Reagan airstrikes were a punitive response to bombings conducted by Gaddafi NOT an overarching campaign to overthrow Gaddafi. That was started under Obama under the context of the Arab Spring after the Benghazi protests were in danger of being quenched

They are NOT related to each other, not even in goals



What if you are somehow a descendant of my ancestors’ slavemasters, catman?


Then that makes me a Democrat?!?!?!?!?!


No, that makes for a great love story.


My ancestors were not slave owners and immigrated to the US after slavery was abolished.

I can have my dog poop in that bag if he wants or put a live badger in there.


My ancestors didn’t own slaves… i don’t think…


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