The Political Thread






If they take down uncle Joe, then the dem race becomes interesting.


Oh I can tell already he isn’t the chosen one. Are they really going to put it all on the loser Beto or the newcomer Kamala?


I want Barnie damn it.


Sorry, Yang has stolen his position as fundraiser of the youth. No refunds.


N A Z B O L !


Vote4Beto is an easy slogan


BetoIsBeta is also an easy slogan.


The Young With Yang.


Bernie should have Yang be his VP as they would be a shoe in for 2020.

I think healthcare is going to be the big issue for the 2020 election Trump if finished unless he does a 180 and say he’s going to push for reform and throws a couple pharmaceutical and health insurance CEOs who did price fixing in jail.


Yang doesn’t need Bernie.

And Trump already said the Republican party will be the healthcare party.


Chicago has a gay black womyn as mayor now.


Finally the violence in Chiraq will be solved!


@DOCTORKHANblog are you still in the Yang Gangbang?


The only things I see that could be beneficial in his plan is allowing people to buy insurance from outside of their state and purchase drugs from a foreign country which may allow some market forces to drive down prices.

Of course the more free insurance market also could cause more people cto be stuck with a high deductible plan that is almost useless rules are not put in preventing such scams as most people get employer provided insurance and the bean counters are always looking for a way to cut costs.


Nice Shareblue talking points with no sources. Trumpcare isn’t a thing.


planned parenthood

imo, poor people should get free abortions

in fact, some categories (you know the ones i mean!) should get paid to have abortions


When I first heard of this I thought it was some kind of late April fool’s joke but then I found the video of him saying it.