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Sorry but Mike Lee knows nothing about science.
His little presentation just showed me he’s kinda stupid and seems to have the mental faculties of a 12 year old.

If you’re going to attack it then do so in a scientific manner and point out where it’s flawed with data and suggest a better solution.


It showed me he has a great sense of humour and treats Occasional Cortex’s ideas with the seriousness they deserve :3


Though on air travel it can be made carbon neutral in maybe about 15 to 20 years if money is poured into research on an engine called SABRE.
If the UK government has some common sense they would give Reaction Engines the money they need for SABRE.
it’s an opportunity to save the world and revolutionize air travel at a the same time.
Trust me if you had this you would never want to fly long distance using kerosene powered jet engines ever again because they’re too damn slow.


“Environmental justice”, is this the kind of bullshit you support Char?





Actually everyone looses out to air pollution though it fucks over people in urban and industrial regions disproportionately more though if anyone gets the short end of the stick it would be the average east Asian as that region gets a lot of pollution.
China sold it’s people’s future for near term profit.
If the oceans rises as much predicted several cities including Beijing will suffer flooding.


This is King Charles.


No that is Nero Claudius .


I know that’s the Joke. These people put the same chick in so many different skins it’s crazy.


@Dark_Mage if the new green deal was so good why did no Democrat vote for it?


Is this a good idea?


lol that’s stupid, lets just get it over with and have a good quick nuke’it-all and properly establish the one world government we already have underneath it all


Yeah, if we get to tax them and write their laws.


til that if you drag the little yellow google maps street view dude over area 51, he changes into a flying saucer


But is that an everyday thing or only for April 1?





Fuckin Illinois is considering raising the gas tax here. To " fix the roads". Really, how many politicians pockets will this bill line? Set to vote on the bill sometime.


Monkey see, monkey copy California.


And Colorado, and Washington dc. Shitty really. Wonder how many more people will leave Illinois because of this stupidity? Really need to make the northern half a new state. Northern chimpcongo sounds good. Or Smulletsville?