The Political Thread



Bernie is right Trump’s 2020 budget proposal is complete shit.



I met Andrew Yang at a rally.


did you tell him that you’re a maga convert?


I told him I am i Republican who would support him.


How much did he put in your bag?


He put you in the bag.


Cat in a bag.




why da puss so angery?


Dunno, but don’t worry about him beating you up

He’s a complete pussy!


TIL that American politics CAN be interesting


The green new deal has it flaws but man is he an idiot if any thing more babies would be the worst possible thing as far as climate change goes as population is the root of all the environmental problems.


Only if they’re stupid humans

More smart humans = more technological innovations = more solutions

More Occasional Cortices = DUH!


Most humans are stupid.


Most “humans” are stupid.


It’s the stupid ones that do most of the breeding so any solution to global warming must include an aggressive campaign for pushing family planning.
This includes educating women in the developing world on contraceptives,research on a male contraceptive,and beating back dogma.
Though that said as someone who knows a thing or two about engineering I can come up with a better green new deal than AOC or any politician for that matter.

In fact if I had the financial resources I think I can even do better than most of the big wigs in silicon valley because I am not afraid of the nuclear option.


And the stupid ones don’t pay attention to politics.

But the smart ones do.

Therefore, Mike Lee is encouraging smart people to have more babies.


No the dumb ones do vote an often.


But they don’t pay attention to the actual speeches in the senate/house/reichstag :3