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The New Zealand high score has increased to 50


A theory behind the timing of the shootings PT found it first.





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More Yang Gang stuff.




Joke aside we do need to address the cost of the war on drugs it costs nearly four times more than what we spend on space exploration.


char please don’t make me agree with you


I simply see the war on drugs as counter productive and generally more harmful than the public health problem it set out to solve.
Harm reduction is a better policy since prohibition and hard line stance has failed spectacularly.
Really it was like they tried to put out a fire with kerosene.
Even the politically right should support an end to the war on drugs since prohibition drives up the price which fuels crime and the violence it brings is the primary motivator for laws on gun control.


you know that you’re preaching to the choir, right?


Of course it would cost more than we spend on space after Obongo defunded NASA.


It costs more per year than what we spent during the Apollo era and creates nothing of value in return.


Last vestiges of the Islamic State in Baghuz Fawqani

almost the end of an era


Can we leave now???





America has become very sick over the past 30 years I think it’s time for a second New Deal to actually make it great again.


No. The New Deal wrecked our country to begin with. Robbing the youth to pay for the boomers was a mistake.


The Boomers had yet to even be born when the first New Deal happened.

Besides the problems of the 1920s are back and the country has fallen into what can best be described as Neo-feudalism.



And yet they benefitted the most.