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and cant say Pewds without ew

markiplier is a lot cuter anyway


Who said you had a choice?




I finally subscribed to pewds last night


I would subscribe to KudiPies




Gun control is one of the left causes I generally do not support because I know it won’t do jack shit to make things better just look at what goes on in London.
The only thing it will accomplish would be to farther polarize the country.



Congrats Nin, you’re famous!
“includeer mij in de screenshot”


So that faggot NOS news is finally giving me some air time.


btw nin, i heard that there were a bunch of moroccans who wanted to kill everyone in some christian fishing village because a drug dealer got beaten up

is that true?


Dude that story was hilarious. So apparently there was this big Whatsapp group comprised of about 100-130 Urkers (inhabitants of Urk). One (caucasian) frat boy allegedly says this Moroccan dude’s gf is ugly or something. Moroccan dude says “come say that to my face”. White dude says “sure”. Moroccan dude waits for the other guy to show up. Guy shows up with a dozen others ready to beat this little bitch’s ass. He flees into a nearby snackbar (go figure). The white dudes follow him and somehow the story ends up inside this Morrocan nigga’s home and he gets his ass kicked and I believe his mum got a smack in the face as well or something.

Very satisfying news imo (except about his mum). It somehow feels good to finally read about a Morroccan dude getting his ass kicked by a pack of nasty hyenas instead of the other way around.

Anyway since Urk is indeed conservative and Christian and still quite white, you know it gets framed as a racist attack in practically all media. You know how it goes. A local news outlet had an interesting interview with the white dude actually, in which he denies the racism shit and stuff and actually says that “Soufian is just an annoying little bitch so nobody here can stand his guts”. Lovely stuff.

One or two days later a (pretty chill) renegade news blog gets entry to a different Whatsapp group in which throngs of Moroccans are indeed planning to ravage Urk. Police gets signalled and it appears there are indeed waves of Moroccans going toward Urk. They all get frisked, baseball bats and stuff get confiscated, plenty of those maggots get sent back onto the road. Nothing really came of it, as far as I’m aware.


can’t we all just get along? :’(



No. It’s total war now.




If it gets worse, girls like her are going to be war brides.


khan sthap it! you’re making me sad :’(


A cornerd fox is more dangerous than a jackal.


why would you give corn to a fox or a jackal? that’s just dumb, are you a vegan PT?


The screwballs in the Senate vote to do something right for a change how come it has taken so long?