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Do nothing.

The absolute best thing would be for the general population to realise how broken the system is. And parliament is making that happen.


You’d think Brits already knew that.


@PantsuKudasai please respond.


Most Brits are even more apathetic than the Americans.


LOL the one in Brazil of course got no coverage. :joy:


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So what was his final score and did he anhero? Wasted too much time shooting dead bodies and fiddling with the coupled mags.


Final score hasn’t been released yet


Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says the current score is 40

20 more srsly injured


This man needs to be rewarded



Сражение при Кагуле 1770
Битва при Булаир 1913

  1. For Rotherham.
    Between 1997 and 2013, more than 1,400 children in the city of Rotherham were repeatedly raped, abducted, transported to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated by Muslim migrants.

  2. For Alexander Bissonette.
    The shooter who shot the mosque in Quebec in 2018

  3. For Luca Traini.
    The shooter who shot from the car of Muslim immigrants on the streets of Macerata (Italy) in 2018

The second shooter shop is in Russian and Bulgarian!

  1. The Battle of Kagul in 1770
    The Battle of Kagul is one of the key battles of the Russian-Turkish war of 1768–1774, held on July 21 (August 1), 1770 on the Cahul River, in the south of modern Moldova (between the city of Vulcanesti and the village of Greceni). In it, the Russian army, numbering no more than 17 thousand infantrymen and several thousand cavalrymen, utterly routed the Ottoman army of 150 thousand people.

  2. Battle of Bulair in 1913
    The Battle of Bulair took place on February 8, 1913, between the Bulgarian Seventh Ril Infantry Division under the command of Major General George Todorov and the Ottoman Twenty-seventh Infantry Division under the command of Ali Fethi Okyar in the 10th Turkish Corps. The battle ended in victory for Bulgaria. A Buhler march was written in his honor.

  3. Bayo Pivljanin
    Famous 17th century Serbian Eskim, harambaşa from Piva. He participated in the Turkish-Venetian war in the battles of Boka Kotorska. Mentioned in the Venetian source of 1669 is known as the partisan leader who defended the bay from the Turks and received an award from Venice.

  4. Fruzhin.
    Son of the last tyrnovsky tsar Ivan Shishman. Around 1408-1413, together with his cousin Constantine, he led a rebellion against Ottoman rule, which was supported by various Christian forces.

Third Arrow Shop:

  1. Shipka Pass (Shipka Pass).
    The defense of Shipka is one of the key and most famous episodes in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877–78.

  2. Sebastiano Venier
    86th Venetian Doge, diplomat, military leader.
    Commander of the fleet of Venice in the new war against the Ottoman Empire. He became one of the heroes in the battle of Lepanto in 1571, in which the Holy League seriously defeated the Turks.

  3. Novak Vuyoshevich
    Hero of the Battle of Fundina on August 2, 1876 in a village in Kuchi, in the principality of Montenegro. The victory of the Montenegrin army over the forces of the Ottoman army (more than four times more than the number of Montenegrins who fought in battle). After the victory, the Ottoman leaders captured in the battle were locked in a house and burned. The importance of this victory lay in the fact that the Montenegrins stopped the Turks in advance, and ensured the victory in the Montenegrin-Turkish war of 1876–1878.


They already have fairly restrictive gun laws to the point their police are often unarmed.
If anything this may show just how useless anti gun laws are when someone really wants to commit a serious crime.
Besides even when gun control works the only thing it accomplishes is change the tools used to something else.


No, they still have their semi-autos (for now).


Seems one of the shooters was an Australian.

This is a symptom of a larger problem as a lot of people feel the Muslims are invading their country with the intent of destroying it’s culture.


This is going to happen more and more. The world is actually returning to the way it was before the Cold War and relative stability in a bi-polar world.


In retrospect maybe we should have let the Soviets conquer the middle east back in the 1980s.
They would have cleaned it up.


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obvs I dont approve of mass shootings and am for gun control, and I don’t subscribe to pewdeepie, all I watch on youtube is spoopy countdowns and gross stuff like pimplie popping and dental clean ups



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