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Where’s the #yanggang spam, that’s all I see on political boards nowadays.


Sorry, the shills haven’t found this place yet.



Don’t jinx it fam


Like this?




A non-Yang post


This is what we really wanted but the cabal won’t let us so it’s Yang.


Another Yang meme I promise I won’t post anymore of them today.


I demand you post more.


Char is now posting quality shit on multiple threads!

I believe we may have crossed yet into another timeline and things will be restored.

We’re not back to the pre-Harambe/DiCaprio time shift, so idk how much things will go back to that time line, but I’m hopeful.



What’s happening in Britbongistan? Is your parliament preventing Brexit?


Nothing is happening lol

And the flaws of the system are making themselves apparent.

The Tories can’t agree with each other and Labour are trying to bring down the government and force a general election, so they’re reflexively vote against whatever May wants.


I think is mighty time the Queen flexed her muscle and overtake the government once more and get shit done.


Question: Can the sitting party nominate a new candidate instead of the sitting president? and if so, can the sitting president still run for reelection without the nomination?

so basically if the Reps decide to nominate someone else and not support Trump for reelection, can he run for reelection on his own? and have a Dem candidate, Rep candidate, and Trump?


The answer is yes, in theory. America’s major political parties since 1912 have obligated to nominate candidates for president through primaries and caucuses where anyone is allowed to run regardless. Every president since 1912 with the exception of Woodrow Wilson have gone through reelection in this process with at least one challenger. Usually however, for the sake of party unity and the power of incumbency, no matter how bad the president is even among his party’s base, most are able to win nomination.

It is not to say such a situation haven’t been technically done. Truman and LBJ who intended to run for their respective reelections dropped out before nomination due to challengers but also they realized they were unpopular. Only Reagan in 1976 was the closest in beating an incumbent president through the whole nomination process. Really, the only time such a situation has been successful was before the current system in the mid 19th century. But since the US was at the doorstep of the civil war, you can say Fillmore and Pierce were essentially set aside by their parties.

A president can continue to run without his party’s nomination. Speaking of Trump, that was actually the fear among the GOP in 2016 if Trump lost the nomination he would either not support the nominee or run independent or third party. Also this was the case with former NM Gov. Gary Johnson in 2012. He originally ran as a Republican but dropped out to run as a Libertarian. This time around is a different case.

Based on trends of the last half century, any intra-party challenger to a sitting president with a modicum of traction have to be the more ideological type. Like to the right of a GOP pres or the left of a Dem pres. Those who are being floated as GOP challengers to Trump are more moderate. Plus despite loosing support among his core base with his cucking and low approval ratings generally, he still enjoys support among party faithful. So don’t expect anything until someone to Trump’s right comes along with traction.

If Trump were to lose the GOP nomination but continue to run for president, all hell will break lose. Because the closest your scenario have ever happened was, 1912. Former President Teddy Roosevelt ran for the GOP nomination against Taft but he lost and then went on to create the Progressive party aka Bull Moose. The result was the worst showing the GOP ever had in it’s existence.


Here’s another one based on a old meme from the 2000s.

I hope this world goes back to normal as it does indeed feel like we went into in some bizarre alternate timeline a while back.


so, what is everyone’s opinion about the major HAPPENING in new zealand?

the shooter said “subscribe to pewdiepie” before starting the shooting


NZ will adopt Australia’s gun restrictions. They’ve wanted to for a long time.


You’d think they already did.


Parliament delayed the date for Brexit, what do?