The Political Thread



did I stutter?!



He’s already getting there with the polls and donations.


Behead those who insult Yang.


question: could one volunteer as a test subject to be a catgirl?


Despite whatever I’m going with Yang Gang and despite his other policies, I legit do agree with Yangs economics in their fundamental level and any right-winger worth his salt should steal it and put this free market worshiping lolberg economics to rest.


Of course a nigger is voting for gibs me dat.




Says the spic who wants the same.


I’ve never voted republican for president tho, nor am I going turncoat


I’m talking about plampot, not you Pantso.


ooooh! well shit you gotta specify! your bean insults are typically directed to me. PTusually only gets your adoration and sloppy bjs


I’m just in it for the memes.


As am I. The fuck you take me for my dude? I still get queasy over the thought of food stamp. I just get sick and tired of the GOP not delivering and being spineless fucks.


You were starting to sound blackpilled there, mein nibba.


Not only am I blackpilled, I’m full on Ee ja nai ka.


Plus I don’t like Yangs economics because of the thought of rent seeking off your old employer. But because of his approach to the economy (not so much his policies to address them) is refreshing and really free markets and the GDP is a spook at this point.


Here I am, just being the *white guy reading all this and sipping coffee.


I will celebrate LOW BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT RATE when I see a wall.




Wrong generation, catman.