The Political Thread



My reason for voting Trump was mainly to cockblock Shillary and meme majik. But he disappointingly hasn’t locked her up, built the wall (not a fence), enacted congressional term limits, and is a kike shill. He’s done good with NK, the economy, but the freshman congresswomanz have done a better job bringing the jewish question into the spotlight.

Really hard justifying giving him another vote when he’s been so spineless to act on draining the swamp.


He’s still better than Blormf. Also fuck Trudeau. That corrupt faggot.


I guess you’ll have to find some other way to get tendie money.

Did you really think a Wall street billionaire was going to drain the swamp.


Anymore than a corrupt former first lady making us stronger.


did y’all seriously believed he was gonna do any of those things?

out of all the republican candidates that were available, you really thought trump was the best choice?


I only voted her because she was the lesser evil but really my choices were a glass of donkey piss and an elephant shit sandwich.


He’s not a Wall Street billionaire, he’s a NY real estate billionaire.

@PantsuKudasai more so than Jeb! or any other republicucks who would fold over for the dems. At least we get some good twitter bants.


Yes and I still don’t regret that. Looking back all the other candidate were bigger faggots. Plus, it was the policies he was proposing that were different from your cookie cutter basic bitch republican. Hence YANG GANG!


unrelated? guess which one is Char and which one is Khan :3c


Is this police brutality or just methhead stupidity?


Didn’t magdump him or shoot the second time he touched the gun so I’ll forgive the cop shooting the second time and obvious tweeker can’t stop flailing around.


Kill them all, Akher!


The oxys and percocets i give to them is killing them slowly


A combination of both.
They may not be perfect but I will say UK police are far better trained and braver than their US counterparts.


Yang needs to be memed into enough popularity so he’ll be in the Democratic debates.



halp! the government stole an hour of my life! they say I’ll get it back in early november, but I bet they’ll just keep it and send it to my student loan debt! fucking trump!


Thanks Trump needs to become a meme.


it doesnt have the same ring as Thanks Obama, tho

and tbh the dude is a breathing meme factory, everything else he does and says is a meme so no need to force this one


Ok how about God damn it Trump?