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I can see the reason why we need UBI and the very rich need to be made to pay for it as extreme inequality is not only a big social problem it’s a proven destroyer of nations.


Kill the rich, secure the bag. Join Yang Gang Char.


Nobody owes you for your existence.


More like MIGA, amiright? But Q said to trust the plan.


No they owe me and the rest of the country their continued life of luxury and maybe even their very existence.
If not for the system in the US they would be having to suck the dick of someone like Xi Jingping and let his party have majority control of the company.


Okay so all the rich business owners leave the country. What now?


They leave they can’t do business here and can go broke it’s that simple.
Someone else less greedy can provide those goods and services.


Sounds the ones trying to take my legitimately earned money are the greedy ones.


99.% of what they earn is the work of someone else.
Besides if the government took some of the money from the very rich and gave it to to the poor and middle class it would eventually end up in the hands of the rich anyway but in the process it would better the lives of people and would simulate the economy in the process as they would buy products that create jobs.
Lets say a $1000 is taken away from Bezos or Fuckerberg and given to someone like me. I would probably spend it on stuff like upgrades for my cars or solar panels and new windows for my house which would help create jobs at those factories.
Will Rogers probably said it best.


So why not just cut out the money and have them make stuff for free? That would increase demand and production which would create jobs.


Boomer do…


>Still thinking MAGA will happen. Fuck this guy. YANG GANG!


After two years he finally realized Ann Coulter is a nut job.
Most people figured that out after just watching her for five minutes.


did you honestly took her seriously at any point?

do you also think nancy grace is a honest journalist?


Fuck you gaytards that still believe in that bullshit.


wait what’s going on

khan is rooting for a democrat

much surprise


yo Khan, have you honestly switched parties? or just not gonna vote for Trump again?

am actually curious as you’re one hard Trumper who has made the switch (that I know, anyways) so I got a few questions


Umm no I thought they were full of shit the moment I first saw them on TV.


With his his recent bullshit, including this one. No, I’m not going to vote for him again. I have not switch parties per se, I’m just rooting for them to punish the GOP. The gaggle cartel of spineless faggots. They have never done anything good and the sooner that sad excuse of a party dissolves the better.


also speaking of ubi

doug ford is getting rid of ubi in ontario

rip goverment tendies

seriously though fuck this guy