The Political Thread



An extra $1000 a month would be nice I can do some more mods on my cars and maybe replace the last of the single pane windows on my house.
See economic stimulation would result.


invest it

by whaling gatcha games

and buying expensive clothing



I await the same shit for the next 4chan candidate in 4 years time.


Plus if you gaylords keep this up, this will be the official “Shotacon Femdom lovers for Yang” thread.


So you’d pretty much just blow it.


This is much better now.

Who is this guy anyway. He seems like left twin of Ron Paul from a parellel universe.


He’s some entrepreneur running as the Democratic nominee whose big thing is shilling for UBI. meaning people can get $1000 a month because robots took ur jerbs.


I’m bought. Shut up and take my vote.



You’re German though. Go make a party that would offer UBI.



Most minorities and females will vote for anyone on the democratic ticket just to get Trump out.
The votes to swing are middle class moderates who are upset over broken promises,a failed health care system,and educational debt.
UBI might be a hard sell to moderates and the same with the green new deal in it’s present form but medicare for all ,education reform, and fixing bankruptcy laws so people are not saddled with student loan debt for life would be a very easy sell right now.


Fuck moderates and fuck boomers.

Yang gang, Bernie bang.


Moderates and boomers are a large group of people who vote.
One reason I favor Bernie Sanders with Beto O’Rourke or Richard Ojeda.


They can be pimp slapped into submission and die off for all I care.

Money me, money now.


OMG, you really are black!


You think that is going to gaslight me out of Yang Gang then think again, squidman. Dump the train, join the Wang.


Realize that America is a burning ship and leave or let the boomers and spiritual boomers drown you.


Come on we all wouldn’t mind an extra grand per month esp if it came from rich assholes like Bezos and the Koch brothers.
I’d spend it on some more solar panels ,some triple glazed windows for my house,a new video card,and parts for my car.


Squidman still thinks MAGA can still happen.