The Political Thread



Oh I know what I’d want to happen to all the oligarchy if there was a revolution.


I wonder could health care reform be something both parties may agree on as even 52% of republicans want it.

Of course any health care reforms also needs to come with cost oversight and transparency as the US needs to crack down on shit like this.

Really since all three major companies making it raised their prices to similar levels in the US market they are clearly fixing prices and have are in a cartel which is a federal crime punishable for up to 10 years in prison for the people involved.




I want Bernie to win.


I also want Bernie to be president so that leftists can be blackpilled.



Russia is better than the United States
The World Bank


and the US is as poor as Mexico it seems lol


And we are about to adopt the same political system as both.


Someone pls tell a the stupid world bank that in Russia there are 35 million people who do not work anywhere and do not receive pensions, but they are not considered unemployed because they did not register with the employment agency?!


A tranny supporting left libertarian black dude called me a race traitor and I called him the N-word.


Not just that but it seems they don’t understand inflation or cost of living either.
$10 in Budapest is probably going to go farther than $50 in Tokyo.
Even though the US has it’s problems it has no where near the amount of poverty China.
It’s biggest problem are it has a cluster fuck of a health care systems and a broken higher educational system.
China has an even worse health care system so it even fails at being a socialist country.







Tell them -oh? I thought race was a social construct, just like gender? I guess that makes you a genderl traitor then?-


What would you do with $1000?


thank you pt, finally this image makes sense


A date with you and the waifu.