The Political Thread



Lol why would he do that when Drumpf is his puppet?


If it were not for Trump’s concessions, the war might have already begun.
But this does not negate the fact that Putin is a religious fanatic


No war yet but I swear can I hear the beat of the drums of war.


Interesting I wonder how much meddling have they done before being stopped.


On the India/Pakistan border, right?


On my DICK

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Drugs are turning you gay.


Normie seriously need to get out.



Char are you an alt-right Kekistani IRL?


I just thought it was a good shit post reply.


I didn’t know this was 2015.


Piracy is good because it is a way of not paying tax. No taxation without representation!


Nice outing yourself to the FBI.


Anime are turning you gay


Sorry Khan, Yang gang just went bang bang.


At this point, I support no one, only radical revolution.


if that radical revolution meant all blacks get killed, and you had to die too, would you be ok with it?


'They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother."


somehow it feels that a black person calling @DOCTORKHANblog -brother- would be the most insulting thing to him