The Political Thread



No because it’s a scam.


the wall or gofundme?


s-stay safe ok?





Guys, pls donate to dat creapy lil ol’ necko (Uncommon).


I want to take Azusa home in that pic.


That’s what you really meant.


you have impure intentions


No no my intentions towards Azunyan are completely pure.


He’s still up to that?


I figure he would have come up with a new scam by now.


Dunno, if he’s still up to that. That screenshot is from May 2015. The newest shit is cryto currency.

Guys, buy Uncommon-coins. That graph is not a lie!


Jokes, aside I mean he is not really scamming anyone, since he made it obvious that his projects aren’t serious.


finally a currency I can trust!


That coin made me laugh.


Is that the coin Misaka launches with her railgun?


No the coin Yuuko uses to flip deer.


On a submarine with an atomic motor
Yes, with a dozen bombs under a hundred megatons
Crossed the Atlantic and the call of the gunner:
“Lead, I say, - Petrov, on the city of Washington!”

True la la, true la la,
I can do everything for three rubles!
Hello, new land

And on the airplane on top my friend Vovochka
Not with empty hatches came to visit
On a submarine and with an atomic motor
The crew sang a funny song.

True la la, true la la,
We can all for three rubles!
You burn

Sweetly nap in Norfolk lights on the shore,
Sleep tired toys, negros sleep quietly,
I’m sorry, America, good America,
But five hundred years ago you were discovered in vain.

True la la, true la la,
I can do everything for three rubles!
Burn earth in half


Someone stop Putin
He went crazy


No, get out you commie.


Putin is a hereditary psychopath. His father worked in the NKVD, and he also forked out Putin’s mother’s eye.
Putin turns Russia into a country of religious fanatics who are already going to destroy America in a nuclear war