The Political Thread



-be me
-second generation legal immigrant
-founder of organization that helps young people start businesses in the heartland of America to help fight the flight of talent to coastal cities
-Acknowledge the threat of automation and propose regulating it before it’s too late
-Tie with Bernie for most comprehensive policy section on my website
-Advocate for a “Freedom Dividend” modeled on Alaska to generate a universal basic income using robots and microtaxes on transactions performed by wealthy people
-Advocate medicare for all
-Advocate paid family leave
-Advocate the end of robocall marketing
-Let people use 1% of their taxes for a national project of their choosing
-Measure economic well being with things like happiness, rate of families kept together, clean air and water, along with traditional productivity measures
-be dismissed as a nobody because I’m not in the filthy, corrupt political system
-Be an Asian man who likes math




Plus Bernie joins the battle.


Have you heard about the British Labour party falling apart? If so, what are your thoughts about it?


I find it funny that a guy who oildrilled Dianne Abbott of all people is accused of anti-semitism. Plus repackaged marxist socialism is still shitty marxist socialism. Not like Blairism was great either. I’m actually anticipating the coming Tory divide if May fucks up Brexit.


Of course he’s accused of antisemitism

He loves people who deny the Holocaust and people who want another Holocaust (but only if they’re brown)

and lmfao “oildrilled”


I’ve been loving the Corbyn news lately. He really is a great Labour leader.

Btw @char will you be supporting Bernie again?


DoctorKhanBlog please comment


Facebook should be held complicit for hosting this video. They were quick to deplatform Alex Jones, which proves they provide curated content, not un-editorialized news.


JUSTie Smolette is in jail! :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab:


Can someone please make a list of all the “I’m an ethnic minority and was attacked by two white men wearing maga hats and shouting alt-right slogans in a usually liberal area” stories that turned out to be hoaxes?


Also speak up for rural whites more than any Republican.


China green technology lie.


Here you go, my Brit friend.



please post that image everywhere you can (especially in normie spaces)


everything understood


honest question

did any of the trumpers here donated to the wall gofundme?

if not why?


question for @chigetsu

I just read that the border between venezuela and brazil has been shut, and there’s some pandemonium going.

are you anywhere close to that region, and/or how’s that affecting you, and what’s the general feel about them immigrants?




dunki dont laugh! I am not well versed in huehue geography and I dont want sweet pure Syk to be raped and canivalized by filthy venezuelans


It’s almost 4k km away from where I live >.< , so it’s not affecting me (yet?)

But the people near the border aren’t really happy with the influx of refugees (not only because there aren’t enough resources, but because they brought measles and other diseases back into brazil >.< )