The Political Thread



Who said you had a choice?

Plus young people being lazy ass shitlibs, Who would’ve thunk?




No, it was meme magic. You posting a frog meme proves it.


I voted for Trump but I got ¡Jeb!



Americans thought they’d make thing better when they voted Trump.

Maybe they just hoped that the feeling they had deep down, that they’re fucked either way, was just a feeling.

Trump is just another Zionist proxy. Y’all goyims are fucked.


Religion is a dangerous mental illness


So American Revolution 2: Jewlectric Bugaloo id the only way? OK.




Religious fundementalists all have one thing in common they tend to be bat shit crazy.


OK fedoraman…


You must love Ilhan Omar then?


Catman, your opinion on Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang.


Russian agent and literally who?


Tulsi Gabbard has some good ideas who’s time has come such as opposing TPP,health care reforms, getting the US out of regime changes, and reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act though I don’t think the country is quite ready for some Andrew Yang’s ideas such as universal income yet.
Though if automation delivers on just half of what the tech industry promises in the future some sort of UBI will be necessary in the future to avoid an uprising along the lines of what happened in 18th century France.


Faith in humanity: restored




So this where all the elites meet up and come up with their nefarious plans.


RBG appeared in TLM2 in minifig form. What did they mean by this? :thinking:


Being this much of a faggot to be against the Yellow Vests.


no borders
no walls
no balls