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plus any non-pale loli, up to and including non-permanent brown lolis, like tan azunyan


The Holohoax was a lie made by the Russian Jewish Bolsheviks.


Jews killed a real Russian prince Dmitry Rurikovich (Dmitry Uglitsky)
The Romanov dynasty originated from a Jewish trader.
Russian czar Peter the Great married a whore
Queen Catherine the Second - German Jew descendant


That’s 1488 degrees of woke.



are there going to be more tears?



what hapened?



Tom Brady is a Trump supporter and the libs all hate the New England Patriots because of it (or something like that; idk the exact details).

The Patriots just won some kind of bowl.


ah, I knew sport ball game was happening

didnt knwo abtu the other stuff






this is all kinds of terrible

aren’t the patriots already hated?


he continues to be right


Journalism was never good.


is this good


Perlow’s office also released body camera footage that shows the scuffle and shooting, including the moment when Landeros, a U.S. Army veteran who was wearing a T-shirt reading “Smash the patriarchy and chill,” pulled out a concealed handgun and aimed it at Timm, firing two rounds at the officer but missing both times.



I normally assume the worse with US cops as they are probably the worst in the first world but he was just stupid.
He brought a gun and shot at them which is about as good a justification for deadly force as you can give them.
He probably would have ended up a dead man even in Europe.


I wonder if this could be why the 2016 election went the way it did?



It’s time to stop posting, Chir.


buzzfeed unsolved is fun tho

Shane is bae <3


Still the apathy with many millennials would explain the discrepancy in the polls.
Old conservatives almost always vote.