The Political Thread



A new forum calls for a new political thread and I will create just that. All political discussion is welcome.


What does DOCTORKHANblog think about Jair Bolsonaro?


A great addition the Worldwide Owning the Libs Club.


Khan makes the all- important thread. Thanks, Doctor!

So today is mid-term elections. (Or technically still tomorrow in some parts of MAGAland as I’m typing this.) I expect a firm Republican win + all mainstream media including Dutch media explaining the handful of lost seats as “Trump losing grip on Congress”.


I want to place a bet on the GOP win but my betting site locked my account for reasons unknown and the odds aren’t enticing enough to make me ask them why.


how to hide threads??


If we get thread starters to add topic tags you can filter (or receive alerts about) threads with those tags. I’ve added a “politics” tag to this thread, so if you go into your preferences under Notifications/Tags you can add “politics” as a filtered tag.


tbh the Dems will prolly win

Controversial governments nearly always do badly in these kinds of elections (to give a parallel, governments in Britain usually lose by-elections, or at least do worse in them than they do in general elections). It’s easier to motivate people to vote against an incumbent than it is to motivate people to vote in favour of one.

If Hillary were the president, then I’d say that the Republicans would win.


I’m with democrats winning.

If they don’t win I’ll eat a whole cheeseburger.


If the Democrats win you can celebrate with poutine. If the Republicans win you have to eat the cheeseburger. Canadian vs American cuisine.


sounds good



Actually perhaps it would be more appropriate to celebrate with kebab.


no good places around me that have kebab

unless i visit my grandparents sometime soon

but the again i’d rather get gyudon when i go there


Hopefully the house and senate will be flipped blue.




Sorry the orange ape and his menagerie of miscreants need to go and I think most people in the country agree with me.
This song sums up my feelings about this administration.


Looks like weed is being legalised in Michigan, but not North Dakota


It’s mixed. GOP gains in the Senate, barely lose the house and maintain in State gov.


looks like i’ll be having poutine and a cheeseburger


Isn’t Canuckistan experiencIng the same with Troodough?