The Gaming Thread



I’m gonna post my pulls from Azur Lane.

I also started playing Yomawari: The long night collection. Five minutes in and truck-kun already killed my shibe-doge… ;__;


That was packaged with htoL#NiQ

Now I’m having traumatic flashbacks >.<


Now things have gotten even worse. Her sister is missing. >.<


Playing the original Tomb Raider


One thing that confuses me is how all those big animals and trees are able to live completely underground and cut-off from the outside world.


Anyone want a $15 google card code?

It didn’t work on my phone on account because…reasons and I just switched to iphone


Also in the second level. There’s a coliseum in Greece… That literally makes no sense.


There’s a lot of weird stuff in those levels.

One of them is called “St Francis’ Folly”, but St Francis was a Catholic. There’s a puzzle related to Thor, who’s a Norse God, and one devoted to Neptune, which is the Roman equivalent of Poseidon. King Midas’s palace should also be in Asia Minor, and while lions are understandable (they existed in southern Europe in ancient times), what’s the deal with the crocodiles and gorillas?


Arigato gozaimas.

They were brought to fight the gladiators.


It’s like the developers took a bunch of stuff from the ancient world and put it together. Because it looks cool and it does. However, it still doesn’t make any sense.


Ancient Atlantis mummy monsters.


I could see the Romans importing crocodiles from Egypt (although they wouldn’t make for very interesting battles), but would they really have access to gorillas?

I’m aware that the territory of many wild animals is smaller now than it was then, but I can’t imagine gorillas being outside of central Africa.


Oh wait it only works in Canada.


Absolutely useless!!!


It gives CAD but it has to be in the same region, so it should work for anyone in the NA Play store (which I’m not).


I think I should put this here a conversion of a PS1 into an emulation station.
I like how he made use of the existing switch locations and added a BD ROM drive.


Finished it.

Those Atlantean enemies are annoying as fuck.


I just watched some gameplay and isn’t the PC version easier because you can save anywhere? I’m certain the Saturn version had save points in the form of crystals.


The PSX version certainly has save crystals and the PC version lets you save anywhere.

PC functionality can of course be achieved with an emulator and save states :wink:


New Year’s Luck! Got the slut on the first try!


tried rolling for winter tharja


and three

i don’t even plan on using him and he’s not that good fodder… i think