The Gaming Thread



So not only are they overcharging for it, but Sega are apparently failing to release the final two DLC for the PC version of Valkyria Chronicles IV


PC mustard race, am I rite?


Sega does what Nintendon’t amirite?


No it’s Genesis does what Nintendon’t.


Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I got Tirpitz recently. Now to get the rainbow torpedo launcher.





H-hey, why are you looking at my profile?! HENTAI BAKA!


Ne ne~
If you didn’t want anyone looking at it, why would you put such interesting things there?

If I didn’t know better, I’d say you enjoy the attention :3



visual representation of that kudi+pt interatcion





Got her today after much sweat and tears.


Road to Berlin collaboration event is on! Even the Roomba is cosplaying as an aircraft carrier!


Eldridge New Year 2DLive skin OwO GIMME!


Completed the Titanfall 2 campaign. Good game, lives up to it’s name. Plus only paid $5 for it. :grin:

Also, Xbone can turn on and off the TV by itself. Neat.


We Strike Witches now.


Rabi-Ribi is a really charming game. Been playing through it the past 2 days.


@kanika The next characters for the AGAxSW event.


i wanted to play animal crossing
but i cant find the game

i guess im gonna just start downloading games instead of buying them from now on

and im missing pokemon sun, pokemon ultra moon, metroid and mario 3d


World of goo, pretty nice puzzle builder the challenges weren’t always easy, but beatable. Also needed 9 hours to beat it without skipping any stages. Now that i got 300 goo balls only thing left is to build a tower as high as i can.
Short games get beaten faster, i just recently bought this one and beaten it already.


DOwOM :3 He follows you around and gives you hugs, him dance, he doing a sit and sways around. And look at him glow. So adorable :3 What a good fluffy boi. :heart:

Oh and he gives friendly hugs to enemies as well, making sure they are well rested after sleeping forever.