The Gaming Thread



Give me one good reason why all multi platform games aren’t cross play.


To protect the feelings of console peasants


I only now discovered the fun of playing Left 4 Dead with idolmaster mods.


@mascarpone this is what I’m playing.


@Palmtop_Tiger Yeah, I like the Hinata is playing that and it looks pretty fun.


LOL Forza Horizon 4 doesn’t let me enter “LOLICON” as my license plate.


My pulls from the German event in Azur Lane! >~<


Naisu~ Just bought Gneisenau from the points shop, was the last one that I was missing from the event.

Will keep farming to get the rest of the iron blood winery for the dorm. So glad we got the german boatbabies for kurisumasu :3 Viersechs is so goddamn adorable.

Really tempted to get the xmas skin for Mutsuki >.<"


Nice! :smiley: You made more progress than me. My main goal is to get Tirpitz and the rainbow torpedo launcher. I’m tempted to get Mutsuki’s Christmas skin as well, since she’s so adorable! >~<

Hey what server do you play in? I play in Lexington and in game name is cheese89 if you wanna add me.


I’m on Sandy, does that make any difference? Or can you just switch servers? Never tried it :V


I know when you change servers you start a new game. I haven’t tried adding someone from a different server, but you could give your in game name. Then I could see if I could add you.


I just tried searching for you, but it didn’t show any results besides someone called just “cheese”, so I guess I would have to switch to Lex as well to add you.

Is progress tied to a server? Or can you just switch them at any time and still have all your ships n stuff?

Edit: Ok, RIP I guess, data doesn’t carry over and you can’t interact between servers


Oh well we tried heh XD


So you changed servers and lost your progress?


Nope. I just went to the wiki and read up on it.


Thankfully, you don’t lose your progress by changing servers, but as said before. It can’t be transferred.


lol, I don’t know if he just wrote “like” (tsuki) or meant “gap” (tsukima).


@mascarpone OwO


Nice! :smiley: Chapter 9 is gonna be hard, but fun.


No space for Scharnhorst Fühltsichschlechtanmann

But I do like the way it turned out, max comfy :3