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So many fluffy cuties :3



What a coincidence~

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They announced Zep-chan, GIMME GIMME! OwO

Mostly done with the current event, just need to clear stage d2 on hm for the decoration thingy.

got my free roll


Ah Lethe…:heart: Back from when Fire Emblem games were good.

you’re forgetting echos

echos was good


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Playing the Nanoha PSP game Gears of Destiny. It got an english translation patch last year. I imported the first game back when it came out. Never got around to the second game. The new movies, Reflection and Detonation are based on the story from this game. Gears of Destiny is a pretty big improvement over the original game. It has a surprisingly large roster, though I would have liked the StrikerS characters and adult Nanoha and Fate to be included as well. Every character playstyle is unique. The story is quite enjoyable to go through. Kyrie is more of a baka here. And Levi’s voice is noticeably different from the movie, but maybe I just notice 'cause her movie voice was really good.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. Azur Lane bringing more of the good stuff :3

Plus the Kizuna Ai collab starts tomorrow, feelsgoodman.

Is everyone ready for the most exciting game of the year?

I can’t wait to run a shop!

time to play dragalia lost

Been playing this:


The second DLC for “A Hat in Time” has been announced, oh mai gah :3 It’s called Nyakuza-Metro. We are also getting an online multiplayer mode now, which sounds really neato :3

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The new events sure are fun :3

More retrofits



Anyone on risk of rain 2 ?


Yes, it’s loads of fun :3

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I’m not brave enough to play with the mercenary hahaha

And it’s becoming more and more harder to play other character now I’m used to the double equipment of mult

This shit is broke


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Was thinking of getting Taiko no Tatsujin Drum Session on the PSN Golden Week sale. But then I find out it was $5 cheaper last week so now I don’t really wanna pay $30 for it. I’ll wait for it to go to $25 again.

In the meantime I’m playing the vita Taiko game and pirated all the dlc.