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Character designs by Titty Kubo


Mehr Schiffmädchen, meine Kameraden. Loads of retrofits, especially the one for Sara looks fantastic.


Playing Sekiro: Normies Cry Lots. Pretty satisfying combat and action in it. It’s weird that i’m enjoying it so far, as I don’t play many action styled games. Wish the min-bosses were more unique tho.




Since the Visitors Dyed in Red re-run for Azur Lane is coming to a close. I’m going post everything I got.


I got these three as well

I also got Saratoga’s retrofit as well.

Also new skins~





Unterseeboote, wunderbar. :heart:

U-81 is the qtest by far :3

Oppai-loli voiced by Ogura Yui


I know we get I-58 as a freebie, but how many cubes did it cost you to get the others?


Too many, I had quite a lot saved up (around 80-ish), but burned through them and only got I-19 and a few Enterprises/Illus. Bought a couple of more cubes and gold, probably another 60-80 cubes before I finally got U-81 and Dace. Still missing I-26.

With the construction pool being infested with carriers and cruisers, it is rather rough to get them in a decent amount of builds, unless you are disgustingly lucky.


I’m reluctant to get the other subs, especially since I burned up all my cubes on Yukikaze. I’ll save my cubes for Ink Stained Steel Sakura.


I leik dis boot.


She is adorable :3,


Finally got around to beating DOA6’s story mode. What a letdown.
Nothing is explained. Kasumi randomly leaves, A lot of characters are left with no closure. What were they thinking?
I went back to check the ending for DOA5 just to make sure I was remembering correctly, and yeah the ending for DOA5 was great. They didn’t even try with DOA6.


holy shit i love playing fighting games for the plot!


PvP me scrub


tfw you will never play this game ;_;


I’ll look up game dev and make it for you.


Finally, Nagato <3 FeelsGoodMan

Got her skin from the lucky bag :3

Only did 3 10 pulls so far, pretty good haul. Now off to get points to exchange them for Kongou and to get Mutsu :>


Wow! You’re making good progress as well! Congratulations!

As for me.