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I tried to warn y’all!


Might as well go full overkill and buy a Ryzen Threadripper 2.
That and a good video card should make that steaming pile of code run halfway decent.
Though jokes aside I suggest trying an earlier version of Windows or decrapifying Windows 10 before giving up.


I don’t have any of the consoles it’s on, unfortunately.

Actually, the performance I got was a stable 60fps in most parts of the game, and about 50fps in Forbidden Fortune, so that’s pretty good. However, the game would invariably crash when it was loading The Muscle, The Throwdown or DOA Colosseum. I’m going to wait for the free version and see if that problem has been solved. What I’m a bit unhappy about however is that I suspect it was my CPU that bottlenecked, rather than my GPU. And a CPU upgrade is a huge hassle that I’m not eager to get myself into.

Nigga those recommended specs are crayzee. I got 50-60fps on a Pentium lol


Holy fuck, the PC version of Disgaea 2 actually has a DEMO!

Highly unusual these days.

I wanted to play the PSP version of it (on an emulator), but I found out that some of the DLC content was removed for the English releases, so I’ll have to play the PC version, which, amazingly, looks worse. They upgraded the UI text and the character portraits, but that just highlights how primitive the rest of the game looks. I have to use sweetfx shaders, but they’re nowhere near as good as the shaders retroarch has…

Side note:

They recently updated sweetfx/reshade, and it works with a lot of games it didn’t work with before \o/


Looks like others are having your problem. I also had a lot of crashing issues with the Lost Paradise level. There’s a temporary fix I found though.
Looks like a patch is coming soon.


the moral of the story is to never preorder games


Yeah, I saw that thread, but I don’t think that’s the problem I have, Lost Paradise in particular doesn’t cause any trouble for me, and it seems that the crashing these people are talking about happens during matches, which is also an issue I don’t have. My game locked up during loading, and it only locked up on The Throwdown, The Muscle and DOA Colosseum.

(You’ll notice I also have a post in that thread lol. I was pretty active on the Steam forums for DOA6 in the weeks prior to release.)

There was no preorder.


DMC5 Final fight just leaked. Major spoilers. Watch at your own discretion.



I wish i bought DMC when it was on sale. Apparently it is a good game it’s just the fanboys that hated it because Dante changed


It’s only $4.99, how much more of a sale do you want?



did you guys save scum on Triple Triad?

I did.


Steam removed my Ace Combat 7 license. Which is fine since I did get refunded for the key. Too bad. Thought I coulda gotten a free key. Welp, I’mma go rebuy it now.


Them hidden gems on steam


But that non pedo VN about little girls gets banned…


More planes. This time in VN.


The girls aren’t planes. Go directly to solitary.


Managed to beat X: beyond the frontier, too much backtracking though, got shields as reward, lasers i didn’t get as i didn’t know you had to sell them before you speak to the argon one and then get them pick them up with cargo bay door, the thing that happened that i couldn’t add them to my cargo bay went to save got back no more lasers. It was still a nice game though.
Maybe i will try a little x tension before moving on to X2


wish i had $90


Lulua LE


Whoa, I just realized I can remote play the ps4 from my PC. Seems like a minor thing but the reason I haven’t been playing my ps4 much is because it’s in the living room and kind of a pain to go out there just to play games. This might give me the motivation to actually play Kingdom Hearts 3.