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Great big British boobies <3


Common drugs, ranked in order of addictiveness:

00s-era Nippon Ichi SRPGs


Bought this. Wish I got it on sale but I missed the first week discount and after watching some gameplay decided not to wait for the next sale. It’s pretty great for what it is.


Kudi uve got gud taste




Was messing with KSP with realism overhaul and saw I could make something funny.


“Mom, Char’s building rockets in KSP that look like peepees again!”


when you say peepees…

are you talking about the frog meemee, or the peepees of men on the chat rooms in the facebooks?


Changed out the RD-180 engines for RS-25 engines and two Shuttle SRBs and got it into orbit with 2KM/sec of delta V left.

I’m just going to leave it up there until I decide to crash a satellite into it or something.


tfw beating

Disgaea 1 spoiler


by using a triple team attack with

Disgaea 1 poiler

Gordon, Jennifer and Thursday



They couldn’t get a famous name guy name Woody who was actually relevant in 1969 instead of a guy who was actually 8 then?


i finshed ni no kuni 2’s main story it was p shit but it was also fun sooo


Dammit. Hate that I missed it when the price was still low. Guess I’ll wait for it to go on a better sale.My willpower is too weak. I bought it at the higher price.


My pulls from Azur Lane recently.

It’s interesting how all of Sheffield’s fittings were made of stainless steel. Her ships bell which is also made of stainless steel, now hang in the Sheffield cathedral.

Also got Sirius who is the main target.

Also Fiji who took me half an hour to farm for…


Sobble is so cute ;д;


Started play langrisser… Another game thats gonna drain my money.


Finished Disgaea: Tea Time of Darkness, got the normal ending


Beat it again on the same day and got the good ending, where Flonne has taught him the meaning of love and friendship


Bought Dead or Alive 6. Pc can’t handle it well. Gonna have to refund. :C


Aww…gonna get it on console instead?

chikoku! chikoku!