The Gaming Thread



This is what SJW/femenists took from us.



I wanna bury my face in her ass! +__+


i found my copy of animal crossing on the floor at the airport

must have fallen out of my backpack


Is this good luck or bad luck?


Id say good luck

I wonder how Ill find the other games Ive lost.


Got Nachi, Myoukou and Ryuujou in the Ryuujou event in Azur Lane


This game looks super cute!

@Nin 40 minutes of Atelier Lulua gameplay


Oh wow that does look really good. I can’t wait until it comes out, so I can get it for the Switch


Awesome. Wil have to watch when I get home tonight.


Looking forward to this hrpg.


Well until some people who looked like they came out of a Mad Max movie abduct them all.


So glad that they are going at a rather fast pace to help EN catch up to the other versions :3

My favorite thing about Azur Lane is looking up the WIki pages of the ships and reading about them. So many crazy stories, so many sad endings.

She looks so gorgeous :heart:

On 11 November 1967, after the completion of the 1967 refit and shortly before the start of what was intended as the ship’s final commission, there was a relatively small fire, which was rapidly extinguished, in the Chief Petty Officers’ mess (resulting in one death and two hospitalisations). Although damage was relatively minor, the fire coincided with a reduction of the defence budget and a manpower shortage for the Royal Navy. Together with the 1966 decision to phase out fixed-wing naval aviation, it was decided at very short notice not to recommission Victorious . Her captain was told of this just one day before the scheduled recommissioning ceremony. The ceremony was held by the ship’s crew anyway as a “wake” for the ship. She was paid off in 1968 and placed on the Disposal List in 1969. She was sold later that year to British Shipbreakers and towed on 13 July 1969 to Faslane Naval Base, where she was broken up.

Isokaze with the cutest tummy :3

Current secretary ship, she’s super adorable

Finally got around to do some retrofits, still quite a few left to go


Have you read about Prinz Eugen?


Yeah, her end is one of the really sad ones. Given to the muricans, they took what was neat and then just blasted her with nooks, twice before she sank. Just like Graf Zeppelin, that wasn’t even finished/scuttled by the crew. Then the russians just dragged her away and used her for target practice. With the game giving them a face/character it makes it even sadder.


I speculate that Victorious after her retrofit and Prinz Eugen, served as the basis for modern super carriers and guided missile cruisers respectively.


Oh yeah forgot to post my latest builds. I want Jamaica’s alternate skin so I can say “Yeah, that’s a boat on a freaking motorcycle”.


It is rather tempting, isn’t it. I’m still wondering if i should get the one for Victorious.


I like her design in that one, but it also covers up her assets… She’s got some nice assets…


Which is why I haven’t bought it yet :3