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Playing Dead or School, some japanese indie game.

The price is gonna go up in April. Devs are saying this will be the last discount before the price jump.


I don’t care what anyone says. Resident Evil 2 remake is the best in the series so far.

Kingdom Hearts 3’s story is so convoluted, I can’t even recommend anyone who isn’t a fan to buy it.


So I was on the plane and I decided to play fire emblem heroes. I forgot to put my phone into silent mode so the loud “FIRE EMBLEM HEROS” went off and everybody in the plane stared at me. Then this one guy came up to me and was like, “You like trash Japanese Ninetendo games, what a loser”. And I was like, “So what if I like what I like, at least I am a good person unlike the piece of trash known as you”. Then this one guy got up and said he was playing fire emblem too. More people kept doing it. One guy even took off his plain black jacket to show his fire emblem themed tee-shirt. The man was so embarrassed that he got off at the next plane stop. When he was leaving I yelled at him, “Bye you intolerant loser”, and the whole plane clapped, even the plane driver! My 3yr old son then said, “Why do people pick hate over love. I think that everyone should love everyone and never hate anybody ever. People can like what they like and they should not be afraid of what other peope think. We as people need to stop preaching hate, and instead preach love!”:heart:
He is 3
The whole plane clapped again after my son finished his fantastic speech.:clap::clap::clap:
To the people of this board, I say never be ashamed to play this game! I love all of you(except grim reaper but i still forgove him yay tehe) :heart: :heart: :heart: :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Reddit gold for you good sir!


step aside apex and fortnite

tetris battle royal is coming


what is this
how do people come up with this stuff


It’s totally real dood


Damn, Dragon quest 11 on switch has pretty much everything fans have been asking for.

Rune Factory 5!

Still not sure how I feel about the new Fire Emblem. Story doesn’t seem very fire emblem-y.



the story is weird


Is that so? I haven’t checked all the Nintendo Direct news yet but the past few years, Fire Emblem was pulled solidly into the tumblrfag atmosphere so if it’s different, perhaps it’s good again.


I mean this story departs pretty far from the “lord loses country and has to fight to get it back” from the GBA era. There’s a mercenary group which is a little reminiscent of Path of Radiance but the school setting seems more persona-y, and I’m judging it a bit early since we don’t know what is actually gonna happen but it feels like there’s no big urgency from the outset.

Old Fire Emblem: Oh shit! We just lost our castle. Now we have to trudge through a war torn landscape, gathering allies and take our kingdom back.

Nu Fire Emblem: Let’s go to class and raise our friendship levels. Oh no something went wrong on our field trip. It’s time for the power of love and friendship to join our 3 houses.

If anything I think the new title is catering towards tumblrinas even more.

Here’s the direct btw for anyone that didn’t see it.


I can’t believe Fire Emblem has become a Harry Potter slice of life game. I don’t think I like this.


Imo both of these premises have the potential to be great games, but watching the trailer, I definitely agree with your conclusion. While the trailer doesn’t show much yet, what it does show doesn’t look fun to me. :frowning:


LOL at the overwhelming number of ports. Switch has no games confirmed. And Link’s Awakening looks WAY too cartoony. Pokemon Go was a mistake.


hasnt fire emblem always been a harry potter slice of life game


mfw this was a game:



dunki pls



If you check the hltb link, it says that the American idol game only takes 25 minutes to beat, which may be a blessing.

Or maybe the person just spent 25 minutes playing it before they decided to stop, throw the disk in the bin and throw their ps2 out of the window.


I seriously want this!


So this is what EVO is like. Sign me up for the next one.