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No Tiger, you can be mine.


dragon loli getto

only cost me my weed money


That’s the spirit.


Hey My Autism Compels Me To Complete Things And When I Bought Final Fantasy XV On Steam I Was Compelled To Purchase Every Final Fantasy game Released On Steam As Well And I Made A Commitment To Play Every Game In Order Before Playing Final Fantasy XV So Starting With Final Fantasy III.
Anyway I Was Curious As To How Long It Would Actually Take Me To Finish My Autistic Gaming Binge And So I Added Up Every Final Fantasy Game’s Average Playtime And This Is What I Got:

  1. Final Fantasy III - 36 Hours
  2. Final Fantasy IV - 29 Hours
  3. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - 43 Hours
  4. Final Fantasy V - 36 Hours
  5. Final Fantasy VI - 41 Hours
  6. Final Fantasy VII - 56 Hours
  7. Final Fantasy VIII - 59 Hours
  8. Final Fantasy IX - 55 Hours
  9. Final Fantasy X - 80 Hours
  10. Final Fantasy X-2 - 52 Hours
  11. Final Fantasy XII - 93 Hours
  12. Final Fantasy XIII - 62 Hours
  13. Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 41 Hours
  14. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - 47 Hours
  15. Final Fantasy XV - 51 Hours

So In Total This Comes To 781 Hours Or 32.5 Days !
Wish Me Luck In My Adventure ! (:


Started playing Kingdom Hearts 3. The graphics look quite amazing, and the controls FEEL TIGHT and really fast. Tho I’m playing on Proud mode, when the hell does the game get more difficult? I’ve downed 2 bosses and haven’t died yet. Nearly did when trying to take a selfie with a boss, but everything else has been waay easy.


i-it was its first time! you should’ve been more gentle :’<


Umm no sweetie.


It doesn’t look bad, but I wish they could’ve bumped up the resolution. It’s quite noticeable on a 4k tv.

Resident Evil 2 wins the grafix awards for this round.


not beating Emerald and Ruby weapons, getting all the level 4 limit breaks, collecting and mastering all the materia and breeding a gold chocobo in ff7

not collecting all the GFs, maxing out all the junction slots and getting all the cards in ff8

not getting the ultimate weapons, beating the dark aeons and finishing the monster arena side-quest in ff10

a load of other stuff not done



The only good thing about FEH is that I haven’t spent a single euronian on it and still got most of the qts I wanted.



Finally got Graf today, what a wild ride that was.


Currently playing Earth 2150 Escape from the blue planet with Eurasian Dynasty, not feeling the fun i had with earth 2140(2140 still didn’t finish the mission packs), but i am not that far with the missions. Customizable units are nice though and i did all research i had by now and have 70000 money in my base, but need 1 million on my space port to win the game. Mostly the same tanks and helis survive, you have to provide ammunition to your units which is interesting, also if you send like units to a mission, you need to send them back before you end the mission to keep em.Repairing units is a must,also i decided to install this game by flipping a coin and it was number and that is how i decided to play the game. Think i am at mission Alaska.
Also played some Morrowind wonder if i will ever finish Morrowind.


that’s a really good role

my best one is this


One does not simply finish Morrowind.


You mean you can play it forever heh. I though at least the main quest, then there are the add-ons in the goty version which probably have even more quests.


Well this game just took bullshit to a whole new level


Started playing Etrian Odyssey Nexus. Pretty fun. I couldn’t get into EOV but this one’s classes feel much better. Like everything has the synergy I was looking for.


WTF! Why is steam charging me sales tax now? Also going back and forth between the confirmation screen and payment selection screen constitutes as too many transactions for some reason. Guess I’ll wait until tomorrow to make my purchase.


Blame brick and mortar companies crying that they lose buisness to Amazon who doesn’t collect sales tax in states they’re not in.


Currently playing Disgaea: Lunchtime of Darkness

Or was it afternoon?


I’ve been playing far too much Warframe lately. My memory being full of being called a trespasser by a big flower headed man. :thinking: