The Gaming Thread



The end of Turnabout Cosmos was BIG SHOCK


Nintendo has stated they wanted to bring more mature rated games to the Switch XD


Un. Been playing No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back. Kinda a short, cheap game. Like a midget hooker, amirite. Definitely waiting around for NMH3. Oh, and Kh3 releases in a few days. Anyone else going to pick it up?


I am rather surprised they allowed that on it.


They’re making a power move that would legit make Hiroshi Yamauchi smile. He would call you disgusting degenerates but would still smile.


He would call people degenerates and then play the game himself.


Show how much you know Nintendo history.


Fun fact: The only game Mr. Yamauchi actually ever played, that he helped make was Tetris.


Yamauchi is one of my spirit animals when it comes to business.


He was clever and very good with money. He kept Nintendo debt free for his entire career.


im playing ni no kuni 2. Evan is my new boyfriend he’s so cute ~





The chocobo racing models (at around 1:50) are horrifying


I have no mouth and I must scream.


Kuraudo-san wa comyushou desu


Are you fucking gay?


No Evan is just really cute


Finally get Ace Combat 7 on PC
No support for my joystick
No support for ultra-wide

This is a surprisingly disappointing day. I don’t mind playing it with a controller. It’s just my stick’s been collecting dust and was hoping this would be a good chance to use it. I really hope someone mods in ultrawide at least.


Yay, you can be my wingman, buddy! And don’t worry PA has fixes in the works.