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tfw i crash the game


got lucky this time rolled two nailahs and a flora with only 50 orbs


Played Castlevania II recently.

It didn’t seem nearly as some bad as people make out, although I was playing a version that fixed some of the major problems (like the translation).


for the NES?

words words words


Indeed for the NES!

Surely there isn’t another Castlevania II out there?


TIL there was a Gameboy game called Castlevania II!


idk if there was, didnt follow with titles after the NES

that was actually a good game, tho it could be really frustrating and time consuming the way it was map, but it was rather original. I rage quit it when I couldn’t make the fucking tornado to appear and take me to dracula’s castle tho


geez, wasn’t it obvious that you have to select the red jewel and kneel down by the cliff for five seconds?


no it wasnt, nothing in the fucking game made it obvious, I knew about it because I was playing it as an adult with the aide of online walkthroughs, and for the life of me I could not find the right place of the bitch ass cliff to do it



imo tho, the best bit was at the end, where you prepare yourself for the epic final battle with dracula and you win by spamming the flame subweapon thingy over and over again so he can’t move.


they even talk about it in cracked


I don’t think that person has ever played Silent Hill.

There are a lot of puzzles in those games that have several plausible solutions.


The 30 minute limit for the RE2 demo really sucks as it’s a slow paced game with exploration. But man does it look good and instill the same fear of the original.


Wait, you can only play for 30 minutes total?! Not per session but one and done?!?!! Gay as fuck.


That’s what I assumed when I first heard about it.

One should be prepared for bullshit.


Did you guys know Giascle is in AC7?!?!



it really is him!


They dubbed it the absolute madmen.


So this is coming to the Nintendo Switch uncensored. Hello tits and ass~ :musical_note:


remember when nintendo was the family friendly cuck console and playstation was the weeb paradise