The Gaming Thread




i hate this game


Tharja is best girl❤


And I know that feel, I still don’t have Halloween Dia Kurosawa ;-;

Good luck if you try again~(but if you’re spending money to do it, you probably shouldn’t >.< )


i tried again and failed

this is the worst luck

also i rolled a fourth chrom

so i guess im just gonna merge them and use him for arena


Finally I got her.

Only took 350 orbs.


homu got gatcha’d!!!



But I’m glad you got her~
Now post a picture of her!



Got Gal Gun: Double today. Time to check out Japanese school girl panties.


Famous last words…


It’s more lewd than I thought. You can use a special vacuum cleaner to suck up their clothes. Then you get to see their bra and panties. :3


You have to wonder what kind of person comes up with stuff like that.


It’s a pretty wacky game, but it’s a lot of fun. :3


A fellow man of culture of course!


Made a lot of Progress in Ys VIII. Got my reputation to 200 so I can get the true ending, almost done with the final dungeon and beat the optional super boss.


What did she mean by this?


@Palmtop_Tiger Titty job?

Beat Ys VIII today. Fought the final boss and the true final boss. It’s was a good ending, but kind of anti-climatic,




now you can learn nihongo whilst fapping



been playing binding of isaac

figured out how to break greed mode with blank card and two of diamonds
gets infinite money