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In which we discuss what we’ve played, what we’re playing and what we will play…


I finished the first Melty Blood game yesterday.

I chose to see it as a VN with a really weird annoying way of making choices.

The game has confirmed my suspicions that the battle for best girl in the Tsukihime universe is actually fought between Aoko Aozaki and Satsuki Yumizuka.



The game thread sure is a must. Thanks for creating it!

In the past, I always had a very limited budget for games and spent the time between being rich enough to purchase a new game replaying old games together with my sister. Now the situation is the exact opposite. Having no time for games on weekdays anymore, but being affluent enough to purchase games I want without having to smash the piggy bank, I now actually have a game backlog for the first time in my life. I bought a Switch a while back; boy has that thing amassed a strong line-up in the short time it’s been out. I now spend my weekends playing Octopath Traveler (not great, but certainly good fun) together with my sister. When my sister isn’t over, I try to play Atelier Lydie & Suelle. On the before-last chapter right now, but that game sure is a time-sink. I love it.

My backlog currently consists of Torna ~ The Golden Country, Disgaea 5 and Valkyria Chronicles 4, with Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu, Tales of Vesperia and Dead or Alive 6 being on the way. Dearie me.


My situation is not entirely dissimilar, except that I have access to all the games I want because of piracy, and I don’t play many of them due to apathy and procrastination.

I’ve been thinking about a Switch, although I want one as a portable emulation device as well as a console. There’s a retroarch port, which means you can prolly play anything below the Dreamcast on it (and also the PSP, DS and Wii), although from what I hear, sound doesn’t work, so I’ve been holding off on it.

I’ve also been wanting to play Valkyria Chronicles IV, although £50 is just >.<


Started playing the older WH40k strat games. I love Dark Crusade and hate Soulstorm.

I have Fallout 2 at the back of the line. I’m working on finding a job so I’m sure I’ll have less time for games soon, but I think having a backlog is good. You’ll have something to play in between jobs :3


Yeah probably time to have another run through the DC campaign, maybe I’ll be less awful this time.


Necrons are awesome :3

#8 ?


I’ve recently finished playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations (3rd game from the trilogy). It’s one of those rare games where I get emotional, I love this kind of games.

I also like playing indie and flash games nobody knows about, so I’ve finished Phoenotopia recently too! They are quite charming in a way.


Then you might like this.


A quick question - is there any english translation available? Or the other thing - are there any important dialogues?

On the second thought, it reminds me of sonic.exe or something like that. I’ll give your game a shot later, thanks ^^


No translation but I think it gets the point across.


I’m playing Dual Destinies right now. Just finished the first two cases and started the DLC case (chronologically, the third in the game).

And I like being able to put Athena in a serafuku :3


I’ve got Dual Destinies ready to play later, but Apollo Justice comes first ^^ Nice features you’ve got in your game :smiley:


Finished Devil May Cry 3, over 10 years after I first got it lol

Playing it really confirmed my suspicion that I liked the games as a teenager because of the visuals and atmosphere rather than the gameplay.


Trials and Tribulations was awesome.

I loved Dual Destinies too, but my memory of that game will always be plagued by its roughly 100 spelling errors.


Dat QUALITY translation


But seriously, Dual Destinies was darn good. Spirit of Justice is also great. From Trials and Tribulations onward, the series has been at the top of its game. Rock-solid stuff.


There’s one thing that bothers me tho

They remade the original trilogy in higher definition, but I can’t find good animated sprites from it. I can find static .png sprites and I can find shitty .gifs with bad timing (way too fast), but I can’t find properly-timed “high” definition gif sprites from the remake of the trilogy.


She’s speaking faster than Wendy Oldbag!


Huh. You’re right. I just went to my usual source for Ace Attorney stuff. They seem to have a mountain of HD animations, but they’re all way fast.

That’s stupid.