The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?



When are going to cone out with “Orange Man Bad Sherbert”?


I made strawberry shortcake again



food question:

when you go out to eat to a new place, do you have a signature dish that you order to gauge whether or not this place is any good, and if you’ll return in the future?

for example, when I try a new chinese place, I order the kung pao chicken, and if is not good, I don’t bother with that place any more. but if is good, I’ll try other dishes.

for mexican joints I usually go for green enchiladas/chilaquiles, or eggs with chorizo, both kinda hard to fuck up. If neither are available, I try their pastor or tripa tacos.

sushi places I go for a fried roll, or a roll with tempura/a fried piece in it, to see if it feels crunchy while the rice in the roll is not soggy and remains fluffy/moist


Papa Johns pizza and a Angry Orchard hard cider~

Why yes.

If it’s a Italian place I’ll get there Ravioli, Alfredo, or lasagna.

If it’s Mexican typically burritos, or tacos.

For Japanese, it’s either sushi, or a curry bowl.


Angry Orchard cider is good.

Made some tortelini for dinner and baked some cookies.


rip squidward



While a certain panty loving denizen had trouble with toast, KHAN had the best damn chili mac in his life.


Had some mango float
Friend’s mom just made it last night
It was damn tasty

by flood


I like you already…


Oh no the flood escaped! Activate the Halos!


omg everyone is coming back


I’ve always liked you…


but wow, so much familiar faces. It’s nice seeing everyone still sticking around

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an online community this old with this many loyal members, it’s quite a sight


We’re trying to organise an end-of-life party with subsequent suicide event, but we can’t find a venue that’ll allow Char in.




Okay, I bought this based on your recommendation. But with a purple/beige package. I’m counting on you. This better tastes good, or else…:smirk_cat:


Tonkatsu flavor??? No wait, that’s the green one. Purple is shoyu.


Apparently it’s Tonkotsu-Shoyu. The packages they sell here look kinda different from yours, so I bought the wrong one I guess. I could only read the last kanji 油 which means oil or something so I thought this has to be soy-sauce flavour. Anyway the soup was very good, but I’m not a fan of these thick noodles. Next time I’ll try to find “umami soy sauce”.


an large bowle of cereal, mix of walmart brand honey bunches of oats and oreo o’s


Had a lasagna with some garlic bread for din last night. Lasagnyaa