The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?



i had salmon and tuna sushi



Is this the best instant ramen? (Protip: It is).








don’t be so salty


Have you actually tried their curry flavor?


It’s haLawL~ Blessed by GoatS!
ehem. Had BbQ chiken today, on da Barbie. It was right delicioso!


of course not, I just wanted to be part of the convo without any real merit :3c



It’s not that great, tbh.


Can Chinese food even still be Chinese food without a lot of salt but hey at least it’s low in fat and cholesterol?


Strawberry shortcake that I made~


I found a store near me that sells that stuff. Gunna pick some up and report back. :slight_smile:


BBQ sammies, rib, chikin wing, sausage, potato salad, beans and corn bread



This must be what God eats every day.


Honestly is the first leigit good BBQ place ive found in Denver. Honest Texas BBQ with a Colorado twist


My first thought upon seeing this was that you were back in Texas.


the sausage has green chile in it and the corn bread is crumbly rather than buttery, otherwise, tots a texas bbq


I made curry korokke~



Daarin suggested this ice cream, and dang is it good. Tho I insist they should’ve named it Creamy Colbert, but whatevs