The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?





lol but what can I say, according to the conservative media am a pervert, so my mind has to be in the gutter all the time


And you are a pervert!

Your name is asking for knickers!



drag queen =/= transgender

and there is nothing perverted or degenerated about my name! my name comes from a moment of pure innocence and naivete


The drag queen is also a trans woman(or at least that’s what they say in the article)


they’re not mutually exclusive, just wanted to clarify they’re not interchangeable terms as is a common mistake

I didnt read the articles because I never read articles from sancom, also perverted tho I (may) “not” be, I am def a lil bitch



a near by bbq joint has $3 sammiches on sundays, so the boys and I went to get sum sum before the church crowd fucks everything up (they open from 11 until they run out of stuffs)

got me two sammiches, a green chile sausage, two corn bread muffins and a side of potato salad and cowboy baked beans

this is the most satisfying meal I’ve had in a while, amma take some friends there next weekend



A mini salmon burger, and two mini cheeseburgers~



After they introduced the Astolfo pink kitkats they also released some green ones with gween tea matcha flavor. They are quite nice. Never had anything matcha flavored before. Not really a thing over here.



had gimbap!!!


a pint of talenti caramel cookie crunch gelato, shit is so delish



What the fuck? They sell Astolfo-sticks? May I ask where? Asking for a friend.


I bet the Hideri milk tastes like honey vanilla <3


Well, most of the stores like Edeka n shit carry them. Though they were supposed to be available for a limited time, they are still around. I hope it stays that way, cause they are both pretty nice.

I like how their color scheme kinda fit both Hideri and Astolfo, cute :3


Ah okay, I see. I thought you were talking about a limited edition with Astolfo as a mascot you ordered from Japan or something (like pic related). Oh man, and I was getting excited about the idea of eating long Astolfo-chocolatebars.



I don’t know why but I cannot stand that stuff. For the first 5 seconds it’s not bad and then it reminds you of the consistency of styrofoam. Can maybe take 5 more bites before I have to trash the whole thing


sounds like you were describing rice cakes


Had a Midwestern classic, ““Chili””. I dunno why, but cold weather makes it taste better. Dumped in loads of jalapno sauce, and ate 2 bowls. Full now.


kung pao triple delight (chicken, beef and shrimp)