The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?



i want an burg…


That’s because you suck sewage laced cocks for a living.


is it true that niggy-noggy-noos hate mountain dew?

is it like a reverse version of grape soda?


Only sodas I bother drinking is mountain dew and maybe root beer/ginger ale

mountain dew is advertised as gamer fuel and maybe jungle bunnies hate gaming


I don’t know about other niggers but I fucking love mountain dew.


In what fucking universe?


have u ever seen a black twitch streamer


Quite a few…


that has never been part of my job description

also, that sounds like some yaoi teenage mutant ninja turtle shit


It is now. Because I said so.


had some spaghetti and SALAD


I made mini cheeseburgers for lunch, and I made a pizza for dinner~



i want an cheeseburg


and then you wonder why kudi yells at you in the other threads




you ate burgs and pizzas without kudi, that’s worst than cheating on him with khan



I didn’t cheat~

And I practice making tasty things so I can make them for Kudi too~


i had tilapia

surprisingly tasteless. no wonder you load pico, avocado and lime on it


I had tacos.

We’re just platonic friends. Get your mid out of the gutter, Pantso.


His mind is always in the gutter.