The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?







Would be $9.99 today.


Omelette du fromage and some mountain dew.


is omelette au fromage


I had that ultimate cheesy garlic sub from subway, big mistake.


I made kitsune udon and chicken katsu~


tomorrow am going on a field trip with our 4th graders, what should I pack for my lunch and snacks?

cant be something that needs heating, and tho I can make a mean sammich, I wanna hear options besides sammiches. I may buy some potato salad to go on the side of it.


Crackers and mackerel in tomato sauce.


Ah~! How about some rice balls? Everyone loves the white sticky balls in their mouths~


what kind of weeb do you take me for?! lol

I made a breakfast bowl and bought a side salad, will get a soda in the morning


At least its mostly healthy food. Tho the soda needs to be MT. Dew, like the normiez like.


ewww!!! mountain dew is the nastiest fucking soda ever


It made honey booboo tonnes of mullah, and made mama June thin, thru the miraculz of science. Plus I heard it totally turns you into a woman. Promise!


levi, please give @kudi back his drugs



mountain dew is the drink im forced to drink at costco cause all the other options are terrible


Cheeseburgers with mushrooms.



had pork ramen a few days ago