The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?



Went to Taco Bell for lunch at work, tried the nacho fries and they lit af!!!

Brought crunchy tacos for kids am proud of. Ten happy shotas and lolis roam the school atm :3


grooming your next victim huh


Pls don’t be a degenerate


that’s rich coming from you


am many forms of a degenerate, but a pedo aint one

also am stealing that pic cuz that’s a fantastic Kumiko pic and am a degenerate meme stealer


had some weed, some cognac and some 'za

one of those things is not like the others


Had chicken tenders and nachos for breakfast.


Had ghost pepper wings. They were so spicy i had tears come down my face and my eyes were red. My stomach hurt too.



has pizza and tiramasu a few days back


I made カレー, but I used japanese pumpkin instead of potatoes~


One of my hands still feels like it’s on fire because of the chili pepper I chopped (´; ω ;`)



Redo what?



oh no no i was just mocking your dijikoness :3




karage and onigiri

food food food


Had some chikan Alfredo from Ólivê Gaten today. Was Muy Yummy. AAh, Itailianni fud is so good **



I want to make mac and cheese with catman.


Add some Spam and I’ll sortie with you anytime, buddy.