The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?



this looks very english


Because English-English <:3c

Just found it somevvhere lol


i had an burg

i liek an burg



words words words


I watched a video of Gordon Ramsay making hamburgers the other day. It was trending on YouTube or something. There were certainly good cheffy things about it, but I really didn’t think the burgers looked that great. For one, they were almost rare, which is a big turn-off for me. He also put massive fat slices of onion on them. Like, a single slice, but really thick and toasted on the grill. I’m not sure about that, man…


I"m having mint, passion fruit, and caramel gelatos~



I made salmon and mashed potatoes. Even Gia was impressed with what I did


indeed! and it came out great!

started as always, bringing water to a boil, with powdered onion, garlic and pepper, and while that was happening I fried some potatoes and ham on the side.

what I did different this time, was that right before adding the noodles to the boiling water, I added a bit of the leftover oil, and that really enhanced it! after dumping out the water I lower the flame and add the sauce and cheese and stir to get it all warm and yummy, and it was slightly creamy and thicker than usual.

so I recommend doing it.


for a superior taste, just add calories!

it’s the american way!




Ate these Korean noodles yesterday. Man, this stuff is brutal. I was literally in tears. Tears were running down my chin, I had to take a break. It says “2x spicy”, because it is spicy in your mouth at first and a second time the next day when you take a shit. The “2x spicy” is not like the “it’s twice as good because it has Alien and Predator”-thing. Sankaku-kun, don’t try this at home. Tasty, though.


speaking of noodles i had mama’s tom yum

really good noodles and they’re cheap to, 20 pack for $10


Stuffed scallops and left over mashed potatoes. Was berry yummy~ :musical_note:


They are very good as well.


I had a curry that was like that when I was with Syk


I had pepperoni pizza.



But: would you do it again?


Dunno the taste was kinda cool but I guess my stomach isn’t made for food this spicy. I bought the regular version of this noodles (1xspicy), maybe these are more tolerable.


I had a cheeseburger~



Made chili dogs with some of the left over chili from the other day.