The Food Thread - What Did You Eat Today?



following the examples of @chigetsu and @mascarpone I had a cute loli-like breakfast of yogurt and fruit, gonna have some eggies for lunch in a little while


I made dulce de leche mousse with a chocolate cake base~


Corned beef,cabbage, and black eyed peas it’s some family tradition on New Year’s as it’s supposed to be good luck.


Dunno about the peas. Sounds like they got into a fight right on the first day of the year.


enjoying a eggnog right now, gonna be shitting endlessly pretty soon :smiley: fun!


no better detox than lactose intolerance/food poisoning.


the pinoi gets it


Baked salmon and tortellini with Alfredo sauce.


Been cooking a lot of pasta lately.


Mushroom and pepperoni pizza. The pizza place got the wrong crust, but it still tasted good.




Was craving for fries and this popped up in my feed. I’m going out with friends so maybe I’ll have fries later.




Got me fries. Chili barbecue flavor. 6/10


If they had this size, they could stuff it much better than this.


half a chocolate muffin


That looks presentable.


thank you! I try sometimes


I’m not a fan of the cheese and refried beans. Mine would have just shredded cheese, meat, and pico de gallo.